4 Tips for Choosing the Right Product to Sell on Amazon

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Product to Sell on Amazon 07th June, 2021

Selling on Amazon is on the to-do list for most online eCommerce businesses, likely because it is the biggest online marketplace out there as well as a primary source of income for many. But, as potentially profitable as it can be, finding the best products to sell on Amazon remains a mystery for many.

First Things First- Understand the Battlefield

Amazon is a competitive platform. From the moment you register your brand as a seller or vendor, Amazon will hold you to its success metrics and customer service standards. Selling on Amazon involves expenses. To earn any returns on that investment, you have to be sure that it's being channeled in the right direction.

Add to that the presence of nearly 12 million products, more than 2.5 million active sellers, and over 200 million unique visitors a month on Amazon; Considering the competition and the crowd, this website can make sellers apprehensive.

But, you need not be!

The objective behind researching favorable Amazon product ideas is to avoid wasting your money and time on a product that does not sell. Therefore, finding what to sell on Amazon FBA is the first step to achieving success on this platform.

A Structured Approach to Selling on AmazonHere's How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Still wondering how to find products to sell on Amazon FBA?

We give you a straightforward process to follow towards success.

1. Target A Feasible Product Type

Ask yourself-What can I sell on Amazon as a new seller?

Then, prioritize your responses by a set of parameters that best suit your objectives

For instance,

  • Is the product niche of your choice profitable?
  • Is the niche competition too stiff?
  • Is the product too expensive or too inexpensive?
  • Can you sell this product with ease, without acquiring needless investment?
  • Do you want to buy bulk products to sell on Amazon, wholesale, or retail?

This is important.

A feasible product type can be defined as a category where you can make money, gain brand recognition, and continue to sell. But, you must consider every angle of selling on Amazon before you can hit the ground running. For example, if the cost of selling exceeds your profit, or if acquiring, storing, packaging, and shipping is taking more than reasonable time on your part, the product would qualify as an unprofitable choice.

Therefore, take your time. Research thoroughly. Don't just think about what to sell on Amazon but also about where to get products to sell on Amazon, their competitor identification, manufacturer arrangements, fulfillment processes, and expense analysis, among other things.

  • Scour Amazon to discover what's already selling well.
  • Avoid product niches with little to no competition.
  • Study the sales records of pre-existing sellers in your product niche to determine your chances in the same market.
  • Ensure the product isn't too difficult to make or procure unless, of course, it's of your own choosing.

2. Choose a Product Niche with Healthy Competition

Before deciding on an eCommerce product niche, pay attention to your potential competitors in terms of price range and market share.

Remember, you want to figure out what to sell on Amazon to make money. The goal is profit. If you sell a product with too much competition, you run the risk of a face-off with already established sellers and hence, reduced sales. On the other hand, if you sell a product with minimal competition, there's a chance that your product listing won't get discovered or searched enough. There might not be a strong enough market/user group, to begin with. In that case, you will also lose sales.

Choose a niche with healthy competition, i.e., one that can allow your business to thrive as well.

  • Conduct exhaustive keyword research.
  • Organize and keep the collected data for referencing later.
  • Single out the sellers that dominate your target space.
  • Use the search volume and competition metrics to determine the product niche favorability for you.

3. Figure Out If You Will Be Competing With Amazon

In accordance with what a smart business sitting on tons of valuable data would do, Amazon acts as a seller and a marketplace simultaneously. It has cut into the profit of many sellers without breaking the patent, simply because it knows what's selling the most, who's buying, and where their money has a higher chance of being multiplied.

Simply put, the website knows what the best products to sell on Amazon FBA in 2021 are. Unfortunately, you do not have that advantage.

So, how can you battle the giant? Use Amazon's weaknesses to your benefit.

Since you do not have Amazon's data advantage, do not get involved in a head-on battle of selling with the giant. Instead, compliment your product with benefits that an overseer like Amazon may not be able to offer in your particular niche.

For example, Amazon can offer two-day delivery for several products in various regions with its wide warehouse networks. But, can it also provide personalized packaging for all of them? Handwritten notes, perhaps? Or, video usage instructions?

Narrow your niche. Don't rank for several different keywords at the same time. Be selective. Invest towards organic leads. Go for keywords with a high volume and low search density. Choose products with a low-rank score and moderate LQS(listing quality score). Offer additional advantages, subscription options, or express shipping.

4. Don't Go for Big and Heavy If You Don't Have To

If you know what you are selling, if you produce or manufacture that product, this point does not apply. If you don't, then pay attention to the size and range of your product.

  • Larger products are usually highly-priced.
  • Heavy products will cost more in shipping.
  • Safe delivery of big and bulky products involves several complications.

Since you have a choice, considering that you aren't the manufacturer and aren't planning to buy bulk products to sell on Amazon, go for items that are profitable yet lighter in size or easier to ship.

Seek Professional Assistance, If Need Be!

While we have tried to show you how to find profitable products to sell on Amazon, there is a lot else that you'll have to handle before your eStore can gain recognition and bring in profits. Of course, you can DIY the whole operation, but that endeavor would require a good deal of time and monetary investment.

With a leading eCommerce service provider like Go4Amazon, you can turbocharge this entire process within a short period and without exceeding your budget. We are backed by a multidimensional team of digital marketers, copywriters, designers, SEO specialists, and customer service experts who work together to set up your store on Amazon and lead it to success. To get in touch with our team or pose a query, reach out to us at sales@nscportalservices.ae.