Do you wish to sell your products on Amazon UAE or are you already a seller? Are you also losing your reach to customers due to bulk sellers? If yes, you then must know about Amazon Vendor Central in UAE.

Being a seller on Amazon, you need a platform to manage your business, and Amazon Vendor Central in Dubai is the one you've been away from till now.

Well, customarily, there are dual aspects of selling on Amazon- Vendor Central and Seller Central. Here, we'll go through the hypothesis of Amazon Vendor Central.

What Is Amazon Vendor Central?

If you sell your products on Amazon in Dubai using Vendor Central mode, then you'd be known as a first-party seller or 1P.

Vendor Central is an invite-only platform made for vendors on Amazon, where they are not only Amazon's supplier but also don't have to worry about sales and services.

It's not that smooth to grab the opportunity. As stated above about the invitation-only platform, you need to wait for the invite emerging from Amazon.

How Do You Get An Invite For Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon in UAE shows interest in your products and send you an invite to join hands if you're are a-

  • Marketplace seller having immense popularity for your branded products
  • Witnessed high in demand of the customers
  • A seller with high sales on Seller Central

How Amazon Vendor Central Works?

To make it simple for you to understand what exactly Amazon Vendor Central process in UAE is, here's the core method-

  • Amazon sends a purchase order (PO) listing to the vendor
  • The vendor sends the order inventory ordered by Amazon
  • The vendor gets paid by Amazon for the products sold

Further, it becomes Amazon's (retail) responsibility to sell vendor's products to their customers.

How Is Amazon Vendor Central Beneficial?

Vendor Central is a perfect option to choose while selling on Amazon, as it eliminates all the hassles of selling direct to consumers.

The number of orders placed by Amazon for your products could differ from time to time depending on the product's price and demand amongst customers.

Picking this method of selling will eventually save you from keeping track of fulfilling your orders or managing aftercare. Leave it on Amazon, and you may relax!

What Cost Would You Have To Pay For Amazon Vendor Central?

With Amazon store setup in UAE taking front seat every other day, investing money is the prominent factor you will come up with at the first step.

As an Amazon Vendor in Dubai, you might have to be accountable for the fees listed below-

  • Taxes and duties
  • Marketing development funds (MDF)
  • Shipping cost for sending your products to Amazon's fulfillment centers
  • To utilize Amazon's internal customer care support system
  • Internal shipping and return shipping costs
  • Translation costs for your products listings

Features of Amazon Vendor Central-

Amazon Vendor Central comes packed with multifarious features to centralize and supervise heedfully that need experts, beyond doubt.

With hiring professionals holding updated and vast knowledge of Amazon Vendor Seller Management in UAE, you can ace the game of selling at Amazon in Dubai with whopping profits as well as notability amid the wide expanse of credible customers.

Go4Amazon is an illustrious e-Commerce service provider company in Dubai, UAE that offers you a comprehensive array of Amazon Vendor Central Management Services-

  • Vendor Central account setup
  • Order Information
  • Product Information
  • Marketing Services
  • Merchandising
  • A+ Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Listing Optimization
  • Coordination with Amazon buyers and vendor managers
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Review and Rating Assistance
  • Advertising & Promotional Placements
  • Fixed Logistical Options
  • POs management
  • Brand and content management
  • Payment Negotiation
  • Traditional Payment Terms
  • Reduction in Product Return Rate
  • Enhancement of CTR (Click-through Rate) for listings
  • Vendor Central training and admin support

Go4Amazon, while supporting an Amazon seller in UAE, boosts brand confidence in consumers and multiply your sales by retaining invariable performance measures for your Amazon Vendor Central Account in Dubai.

Process of Order Management at Amazon UAE-

Once you've been invited and got yourself registered as an Amazon Vendor Central in Dubai, you then have to deliver your product to Amazon.

Now that you'd need to receive orders from Amazon, you'll have to follow few routine steps.

Stay tuned for knowing about Purchase Order (PO) Guidelines-

i. PO confirmation via user interface-

  • Right after you log into your Vendor Central account, go to orders
  • Click on Purchase Orders and Confirm new POs
  • Fill in the required fields- expected delivery date, product quantity, etc.

ii. PO confirmation via excel-

  • You must ensure to confirm PO within 24 hours
  • Save and upload the file using the given format in the Vendor Central account

iii.Pick and Pack-

  • As you have the list of products Amazon has placed an order for, now comes the time to pick the products from the warehouse accordingly
  • Once the PO is selected, click on 'create pick list' and 'print pick list'
  • Make sure to keep a check on instructions mentioned under the 'product packaging' category
  • Pack the products

iv.ASN (Advance Shipment Notice) Creation-

  • Go to order; shipments, and click 'submit ASN'
  • Choose a 'ship from location' if you have, or else, enter the warehouse address
  • Mention the total number of packages and map POs to Amazon container codes
  • Evaluate the shipment details before you submit your ASN, and click 'complete shipment'

v.Applying Labels-

  • Print both shipping and packaging labels on the 'shipment details' screen and paste the printed package label on each carton
  • Print a shipping label with Amazon ASN number

vi.Booking Appointment-

  • Log in to Carrier Central account. If doing it for the first time, create an account
  • Choose your destination FC in the list
  • Your requested delivery date should match the expected delivery date indicated by you in the PO confirmation step
  • Enter your ASN number and click on the 'auto populate' button
  • Add your official vendor name in the cell and request an appointment
  • Print appointment confirmation and give a copy to your carrier

It might appear ordinary, however, the entire task of issuing the order, delivering products, and managing your Amazon Vendor Central account could be daunting and time-consuming.

As there's no room for mistake while dealing with such a mammoth and glorious eCommerce organization- Amazon, with a large number of customers, you certainly should rely on Amazon Vendor Central Management Specialists in UAE for best results.

Valuable Tips to Be On Top Of the List as Amazon Vendor Central Member-

      Dispatch your products/ inventory to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers
    1. Improve the number of customer reviews on your products
    2. Strengthen your Amazon SEO (brand name, product title, keywords, product listing description)
    3. Advertise on platforms other than Amazon to generate traffic to your product pages
    4. Run sponsored product ads on Amazon to increase conversion rates and organic search results

Your Best Coach- Amazon Vendor Central Service Provider in Dubai, UAE-

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