Case Study 4 : Branded printer seller brand infringement issue


A country-wide authorised reseller for Printers faced piracy issues, where resellers from the local market listed the printers as their own SKUs and were selling the printers with incorrect specifications leading to brand image damage.


The company needed to remove or suppress the reseller listings which conveyed incorrect specifications and images. They were victims of "Brand infringement" and were clueless as to how to approach the marketplace and raise their concerns and have an effective resolution.

The challenge for the company was lack of in-house expertise in dealing with the internal compliance requirements of the marketplaces.


Provide consultancy on compliance issues for the "Brand". Gather the requisite documentation to prove the authorized distributor's authenticity. Prepare arguments for proving the case for "Brand infringement" on


"Brand infringement" printer listings were successfully suppressed and the authorised seller listings were made the prime listings.

Winning the case for proving "Brand infringement" and suppressing the incorrect listings on Amazon. The Authorized distributor was able to sell the brand on Amazon with the correct specifications and was able to have his listing as the prime listing.

Being a prime listing and correctly mentioning the product specifications , the distributor has now gathered positive reviews from the customers and he is able to answer any further queries from the customer, thus being able to boost his printer sale dramatically on Amazon.