How to Sell on Noon in Dubai, UAE- A Quick and Effective Guide

Noon Seller Support in Dubai, UAE 17th July, 2021 - the biggest competitor and Middle East's homegrown eCommerce market -has grown exponentially, taking advantage of its region's increasing appetite for convenient online shopping. However, to businesses in Dubai, UAE, how to sell on Noon remains a mystery half solved.

Well, no more!

Here is a short yet specific guide on what sellers can achieve with this online marketplace. Learn more about Noon seller support in Dubai, UAE. Know how you can list products on, the benefits of using this channel, and what you need to succeed.

First, A Little About What Makes an Important Player in UAE eCommerce

One thing that Dubai glamorizes and incentivizes is retail, either traditional or online. The Middle East market is suspected to cross $48 billion in total worth by 2022. I.e., there is much at stake, especially for eCommerce platforms looking to capture a more considerable portion of that pie.

Since its conception, has been focused on creating and expanding the online retail landscape in the region. So even when the global retail giant Amazon took over in 2017 - rebranding it as - Noon maintained its footing.

So far, the brand has lived up to its promises.

  • US$ 190.2 million net sales in 2020
  • 15 million monthly visits on the website
  • The closest competitor to and in UAE

Then again, selling on Noon- more so than selling on other platforms - presents benefits that one might find themselves inclining towards.

  • An established local network
  • Low start-up costs
  • Faster deliveries
  • Maximized visibility
  • Access to millions of customers
  • Region-advantage

Despite all of this progress, despite there being a clear opportunity here, a seller might find themselves wondering how to sell on Noon in Dubai, UAE.

Well, here's your answer.

All You Need to Know about Noon Online Store Setup in Dubai, UAE

Noon store setup in Dubai, UAE (or KSA and Egypt) is easy. The first thing you need is a valid trading license registered in any three regions mentioned here.

  1. Go to Noon Seller Lab and register your seller account.
  2. Choose your target market country and store currency.
  3. Update the required documents.
  4. Add preferred mediums for seller payout.
  5. Go through the T&C for and accept the same.

That's it. Then, you wait. Usually, the documents are approved, and the seller account is usually activated within 48 hours, as long as you haven't made any mistakes in uploading the right stuff.

  1. Once the account is approved, add product listings.
  2. Use good images, high-quality content, and the right set of keywords in product listings.
  3. Start selling.

At the same time, if you face issues of any kind, you can quickly contact Noon Seller Support (in Dubai, UAE, KSA, or Egypt) by contacting them on .

Documents Needed for Noon Online Store Setup

This is a critical part of Noon store setup in Dubai, UAE. Sellers in Egypt may need a few additional paperwork details. But, moreover, the requirements remain the same.

  • Commercial trading license or proof of registration
  • VAT certificate
  • Residence ID (preferably a Passport)
  • In the case of non-nationals, a Residence Visa is mandatory
  • Bank Details
    • Legal company name
    • Account number
    • Swift Code (applicable for sellers in UAE and Egypt)
    • IBAN
    • Branch name
    • Store currency
  • Tax Card (If you are a seller in Egypt)
  • A letter of authority on official company letterhead, in case the managing authority differs from the name on the trading license.

Instead of providing individual banking details, you may also provide a canceled cheque. Make sure it displays your account number and IBAN. Alternatively, you may provide a signed and stamped Noon bank form.

Also, if you are planning a Noon online store setup in Dubai, UAE (or Egypt) and you sell Beauty & Health products, be prepared with the following additional documents.

  • A manufacturer permit
  • A distribution authorization letter
  • An invoice to be submitted as proof of purchase

Once you have uploaded the right set of documents in good quality, the wait for approval may fall between 48 hours to 7 business days.

Quick Question-What If My Business Is Not VAT Registered?

No stress!

If you do not have a VAT registration and still want to proceed for Noon store setup in Dubai, UAE, KSA, or Egypt, all you need to do is fill a VAT non-enrollment form. Find the link for your respective country here.

Declaration of VAT non-enrollment - UAE

Declaration of VAT non-enrollment - KSA

Declaration of VAT non-enrollment - Egypt

Payments on for Sellers

Once you submit the bank details, as mentioned in the Documents section, and start selling on, the payments will be sent to your account once a week. You will also get a payslip for every payment dispersed to your account. Keep track of those for consistency and audit purposes.

Creating Product Listings on that Sell

Even though the sign-up process, basic store registration, and documentation at differ from that on Amazon, the listing creation and optimization do not.

Noon Product Listing Support in Dubai, UAE

Much like an Amazon listing, Noon product pages have sections that need good quality content peppered with the right set of target keywords to attract your target audience. also uses a ranking algorithm, so your listings need to be relevant, to-the-point, and sharp.

Sections of a product listing that you need to build on Noon include:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Specifications

Keep in mind; the rules stay pretty much the same on all major eCommerce websites when setting up a decent listing.

For instance, keep the title informative. Use a primary keyword in it if possible but do not push that arrangement. Give away as many critical details as possible in the title without skipping the character limit. The idea is to make sure your user looks at the product snippet in search results and opens your listing because they find what they are looking for in your title and image.

This brings us to the product images. Post high-quality pictures. Capture photographs of the product from different angles to showcase the best features.

On a similar line, there are nuances to building a product page on that a seller must understand if they want to sell more and top their niche market. However, it may not always be a feasible prospect because, as a seller, you will be working on much more than just building the listing and filling in product details.

So, what should you do?

Go for Noon product listing support in Dubai, UAE, KSA, or Egypt.

Noon Product Listing Support in Dubai, UAE- How Does It Work?


Hire a reputable Noon product listing optimization company. Share your product lists, requirements, and target market analysis. Ideally, the vendor should-

  • Perform accurate data entry for all product specifications in your catalog
  • Create attractive product titles
  • Write product descriptions that suit your audience and market
  • Use the right keywords on the product page and its meta
  • Edit and use the best possible images for the listing
  • Enhance the listing using SEO rules frequently to maintain relevance

Ideally, outsourcing eCommerce product listing helps increase traffic, CTR, and conversions for online businesses while saving their time, effort, and money. You just need to find the proper support.

Need Noon Product Listing Support in Dubai?

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