What is an E-Commerce Marketplace?

The importance of the e-commerce marketplace is unbeatable, as it connects sellers and buyers on an e-commerce site in the most convenient manner.

This platform plays a crucial role in bringing together the suitable seller and customers to drive sales while giving the sellers a locale to attract visibility.

Today, one can find numerous online marketplaces websites- Amazon, Noon, Carrefour, Union Coop, SharafDG, Mumzworld , Dubai Store are a few prominent ones.

The original intent of selling through a marketplace in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Sharjah or in general UAE is to spend less on advertising and obtain assured views of your products. Pay fees to the marketplace and supply goods on time.

Marketplace v/s Online Store-

For many of us, the concept of the marketplace and online store appear identical to each other. However, you must know the difference between the two.

An online store is an individual store selling its products online, where every activity from marketing to its operations is controlled by the company the products and website belong to. Apple, Nike, and Zara are some of them.

In contrast, marketplace businesses do not directly own the inventory but rely on vendors to manage their operations. Instead, they primarily concentrate on promoting their marketplace brand to drive traffic and switch site views into sales. Amazon, Noon, and eBay are perfect models of online marketplaces in Dubai.

Benefits of Online Marketplace-

No inventory-

Marketplace businesses connect with multiple vendors to manage inventory and catalog, avoiding the need to invest a hefty amount for stock acquisition and administration.

More Customer Satisfaction-

While running a marketplace, the vital emphasis is paid on presenting a supreme platform for the users like marketplace vendors and the customers they deal with.

The remaining aspects of customer service, inventory management, site management, sales, social media, marketing, and content duties are taken care of by e-commerce service providers in Dubai.

Expandable Functional Model-

With the advancement in SaaS technologies, the marketplace launch and products have given rise to relatively low infrastructure sustenance, as service providers command the maintenance well.

Why is Dubai the right place for an e-commerce marketplace?

A recent analysis from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry revealed that the UAE's retail e-commerce market reached $3.9bn in 2020, a 53 percent year-on-year increase.

The entire region's e-commerce market is predicted to observe a powerful progress between 2019 and 2022 much more prominent than the global average, affirmed DeVere Forster, COO of Dubai CommerCity.

Reasons: Why e-commerce marketplace is a terrific hit in Dubai:

The Essence of Trade-

With adjustable investment volumes, foundation, and integral business surroundings, Dubai is a hub of business. It is an alluring station for business, looking towards the boom of e-commerce.

Government Initiative towards E-commerce Development-

The government authorities in Dubai are now putting immense dedication to promoting E-commerce development.

Generation & Headcount-

As one-third of Dubai's population encloses GenZ and millennials, online shopping in Dubai becomes a simple and popular trend with the ease of having access to the internet and hand-held devices.


The youth prefers intelligent ways to manage tasks. How could they not expect smooth methods of shopping then?

Keeping that in focus, all the e-commerce sites grant the facility of cashless payments and cell phone shopping to shape the overall procedure more speedy and comfortable.

Results? The use of online marketplace platforms in Dubai for retail shopping has raised enough.

Greater Spending Capacity-

Recognized as an evolved city, the natives of Dubai are blessed with possessing a greater expense ability. This, eventually makes Dubai the ideal spot to expand your e-commerce business.

Cashless Drive-

During and post the pandemic, e-commerce has flourished immensely due to the government's attempts towards the cashless drive on the digital front.

On the other hand, paying via online modes has made it straightforward for customers to shop quickly from the comfort of their homes.


Since we have now discussed the scope of the e-commerce marketplace in Dubai, let's also be acquainted with the best online marketplaces in the Middle East to sell your products.

Which Is The Best Marketplace To Sell Products Online In Dubai?

The e-commerce marketplace is securing potential with a 23% growth each year. With 99% of the population in the UAE turning tech-savvy, no other day than today is proven the best to choose an e-commerce platform in UAE for selling products.

Before selecting one, you need to consider its features.

We've rounded up the best online shopping sites to sell your products online in Dubai and UAE:

1. Amazon.ae-

The world's biggest online shopping retailer, Amazon has its unique UAE website where you can sell fashion accessories, groceries, office supplies, electronics, appliances, home furnishings, and a lot more!

You can also land up to the list of "bestsellers" if you've products that not only meet customers' needs but in variations of colors, sizes, and prices.

2. Noon.com-

From apparel to electronics and beauty products, Noon is widely known for selling everything. It is a "one-stop" shop for home and office needs. It usually delivers the product to customers between 3-5 days with an express delivery option.

The exciting feature? Almost most orders above 100 AED are delivered free, which draws more and more customers.

3. Mumzworld-

This specific online marketplace in the Middles East has baby clothes, furniture, food, books, and far more products to offer. It lures mothers and mothers-to-be with its tender and domestic vibe.

Marketplaces in The UAE and Saudi Arabia: What Impact Does Amazon's Presence in Dubai Have?

UAE & Saudi Arabia: Leading Marketplaces-

In the sphere of retailers, UAE and Saudi Arabia are the two chief states in the zone. A maximum of 90% of products sold in the country is foreign.

Impact of Amazon in Dubai-

Amazon concluded its acquisition of Dubai-based e-commerce player Souq.com for $586 million in 2017 and renamed it Amazon.ae in May 2019.

Amazon, the global online retailer, is highly competent to offer any brand from any country.

Amazon is becoming the dominant marketplace in UAE and Saudi Arabia that offers Amazon Prime Membership in the UAE. Besides, it has a dedicated framework of customer service and efficient product strategizing techniques.

With the cultural modifications where customers expect more and more digital purchasing solutions, Amazon seizes the real opportunity to develop its market in Dubai.

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